Restoration and Order Details

Please review your images and compare to our samples below and then click on order cart to be able to pay for the restoration. Then go to Upload Photo page or link to send us your photo to start your repair. Then please go to Mail Order Form and give us any details that you would like us to do and so we could stay in contact

Light Restoration is only $29.95

Before Light Restoration
After Light Restoration

Light Restoration..For lightly damaged originals with up to three minor repairs outside of major areas. (**major areas of repair are faces, hands, and areas of lost photographic emulsion which contains details essential to your photo.)

Medium Restoration is only $45.95

Before Medium Restoration
After Medium Restoration

Medium Restoration..Includes ONE of the following: Restore one major area of repair, OR color restoration of intact photo, OR Add or Delete one person in a group photo, OR colorization of intact black and white photo, OR change background.

Medium Heavy Restoration is only $59.95

Medium Heavy Before 2
Medium Heavy After 2

Medium Heavy Restoration..When neither medium or heavy would be the appropriate category due to additional work necessary on a medium photo. Light restoration plus additional service such as colorization or change background.

Heavy Restoration is only $79.95

Before Heavy Restoration
After Heavy Restoration

Heavy Restoration..For Heavily damaged originals with more than 3 major areas of repair OR photo repair and colorization, OR add or delete more than one person in a group OR colorize and restore B/W photo.

Heavy Group Restoration is only $89.95

Heavy Group Before
Heavy Group After

Heavy Group Restoration..For Heavily Damaged Groups with more than 5 Major Areas of Repair OR Heavy Photo Repair and Color Restoration, OR Add or Delete More than 3 persons.

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