Order Details

  1. If you have your photograph scanned you can go to Upload Photo Page and give description of details of what you would like us to repair your photo.

  2. If you have not scanned your photo I recommend scanning at 300 dpi for the best repair. This can be done and many locations (Walmart, Walgreens, CVS and other photo centers) and there are a few Photo App’s that can be downloaded to your phone.

  3. You can also send your photos to us and we will scan them ($5.00 each image) and send you an estimate and repair. Ship to GMRPHOTO Attn. Gary Russell 231 Barbara Circle Marina Ca. 93933  Contact Cell 831-277-9564. Place the order form in with the order after you print and submit and include your C/C number on the order form or I will submit an invoice once I get an estimate.